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July 2023

We hope that all our customers are having a wonderful summer. We will be offering huge discounts come fall on all installations and equipment sales. We thank you for your continued support. Keep an eye out for late September mailings from us, which will also contain information on this Falls heating contracts.

May 2023

Hello, and thank you for checking in with us. Many of our customers have been calling to schedule for our summertime contract cleanings and equipment check ups. We want to thank all those who took the opportunity this early spring to have their equipment replaced when the cooler temperatures were available. With the increase in temperatures comes and increase in pricing, and pricing on equipment is already 40% higher than it was a little over a year ago. higher attic temps mean longer times to complete the same task. Additionally, we are offering 30% off to our contract customers on labor, parts, and repairs. Plus our contract customers do not pay for emergency service fees if their equipment breaks down ($250.00 savings). Contract customers also don't pay for diagnostic fees ($150.00). That's a $400.00 instant savings that comes with being a contract customer during inconvenient summertime break-downs, plus our contract customers save 30% on all repairs. When most repairs are upward to $400.00 to $1000.00 dollars, that additional savings comes in handy. One last thing; we do not offer emergency service after hours or on weekends to anyone other than contract customers. That is why it is so important to have a contract with any HVAC company these days. Please call 732-241-8506 / 732-580-3075 to schedule a service call and become one of our many valued contract customers, or email us at

September 2021

We had a very successful summer! Business was wonderful, we picked up a lot of new customers, and we  managed to raise over $10,000.00 for charities from The Magic Garden we own. Each summer we open our Magic Garden to the public on Sundays. We put our organic vegetables up for adoption. 100% of all moneys collected goes directly to Charity. You can read more about our garden on Facebook The Magic Garden Debbie / Jim. Currently The garden is closed for the summer. 

Donations since Mother's Day 2020

$2,461.00 to A Need We Feed

$1,400.00 to Integral Heart Foundation

$1,400.00 to Fincas Buenas

$1,845.00 to Lakeside Diner Lacey NJ

$7,106.00 of you hard earned money was donated to 3 amazing charities, and one amazing local restaurant!

You people are truly amazing! Thank you!

  Facebook 07407163027831/?ref=group_browse

January 2022

We want to thank all our wonderful customers who have stuck by us through the last 12 years. With your help, we managed to pull through this pandemic unscathed. We are excited to announce our winter solace has started. We will be sending out specials on indoor air quality products soon. We will be installing humidifiers, UV lights, high efficient air filtration and more in the coming months leading up to our spring contracts. Have a wonderful, and warm winter folks!

April 11th, 2020

Corona virus update: 

The summer contract are put on hold for one more week. We know that a lot of our customer's are worried sick and air conditioning may not be on their minds. With that said, we will hold off on mailings till next week. We are confident that things will get better soon. You can call anytime to schedule your air conditioning service. It's always best to get on the schedule early. All customer's can always reschedule if the weather is not favorable (not raining, and temperatures over 65 degrees). We will be wearing our breather mask's, rubber gloves, and shoe cover's. 

Please let us know if you need any new air filters when you call. All supply houses are closed to walk in traffic, and have curb side pick-up only. 

Thank You All

Debbie and Jim            732-580-3075 / 732-241-8506 /

September 2019

Contracts will be coming out soon for this winter season. New Jersey Natural Gas customers should ask about their 0% financing up to $14,000.00. Some of you are on borrowed time, and this program can really help bring up the value of your home and give peace of mind for decades to come. Not to mention the savings you will receive from high efficient equipment. Additionally We would like to thank everyone who purchased our vegetables and pickles last week. Your donations ($276.00) went to A NEED WE FEED in Toms River NJ. They are feeding elderly and disabled veterans here at the Jersey shore, in addition to the thousands of people whom are having difficulty eating properly. Here is a link to their website; They are getting ready to make thousands of meals for Thanks Giving this year. All food cooked by the legendary chefs here at the Jersey shore.

August 2019

The Summer was a hot one, but we managed to work and maintain The Magic Garden at the same time. Long days paid off big time! We were able to Collect $1,125.00 for Marine corps veteran Jay Jackson and his crew at Fincas Buenas. They replaced hundreds of standard 100 watt light bulbs (only one in each small home) with LED bulbs! Because electricity and water are so costly, they also managed to change out many leaky spigots. They even built a bridge over a river bed that 6 families had to cross daily to get to school and work. This new bridge will prevent many new injuries, which is vital, because many people do not have a means to health care. And Finally these heroes, hiked up to a national park and built a few tree houses, and grills, to invite more tourist by providing a nice place to camp out after a fantastic nature filled hike.

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July 2019

Wow! We had a fantastic beginning to summer so far. All our many contract customers were serviced, and we managed to install a good amount of new equipment. Since our last fund raiser for A Need We Feed; we kicked off 4 consecutive Sunday fundraising events. The first 3, we managed to raise $1,125.00 for The Integral Heart Family. Most of that money was matched by Global Giving turning it into $2,125.00! The garden has been a huge success going into it's 5th year. In addition; we started another fundraiser for retired US Marine corps veteran Jay Jackson who heads up the famous Fincas Buenas crew in Guatemala. These folks do some incredible charity work helping those living in extreme poverty. Last week the Garden raised $414.00 for Jay and his charity. We will give it a couple more Sundays and then move on to the next.

Just want to thank all our friends and customers for helping us help others. It is truly a wonderful world. 

June 2019

The Magic Garden is opening June 30th from 1 to 4 pm every Sunday. This Spring we held our annual flower drive, and managed to raise $850.00 for "A Need We Feed". A local charity out of Toms River NJ. They help feed disabled veterans and all people in need on the big holidays. This summer we are also collecting used tools for craftsman in Guatemala. We are looking for hand tools, used, non-battery powered. You can follow our Facebook page to "The Magic Garden Debbie and Jim" for available veggies each week!

Have a wonderful Summer!!!

February 2019

Our Antigua Guatemala tool and school supply run to The Integral Heart Family. A school for over 80 children from extremely impoverished communities. Integral Heart Family feeds, educates, and supplies love and guidance to help these children fight for the future of Guatemala.  

original (10).jfif
original (11).jfif

Kind words from The Integral Heart Family

"This week we had the great pleasure and honor of receiving Jimmy and Debbie´s visit to our school. Our dear friends did, as every year, a huge donation of tools and school materials for our kids and parents. The point of this is to make easier for the family fathers to make money and to be able to provide for their families with the dignity that their skills give them. The problem is that due to the lack of financial resources the parents can´t afford to buy the tools that they need. Yo Yo and Debbie make sure every year that this doesn´t happen. Here you can see some pictures of their visit and donations. The Integral Heart Family is deeply grateful to our friends of Antigua Mechanical and their ongoing support to our efforts, thank you very much for being part of this family". To support our programs, please click here:

original (12).jfif

Tool donation and safety equipment to Fincas Buenas (San Marcos)

Led by U.S. Marine corp veteran Jay Jackson from Texas. Jay and his band of indigenous Men have been doing just about everything to ease the pain of those who lost their homes during last years volcanic eruption. Building a home a week for people who lost everything, repairing roads, and helping the many victims. 

original (13).jfif
original (14).jfif
original (15).jfif

"Thank you to Jimmy and Debbie Wright Page for your tool donation to Fincas Buenas! And thank you to Nyame J Luis Daza Morales and Paola Caire for providing the space for these awesome people to stay and give our team a crash course in how to use them!

Yoyo has roots with the Onondaga Tribe of the Iroquois Confederacy, just like my cousins Lee Macaulay-Laplante and John Laplante do with the Mohawk Nation, also part of that same Iroquois Confederacy. Maybe they don't think it's that big of a deal, but I have told my brethren of Fincas Buenas for years now, that their Mayan culture is part of a larger group of indigenous people that stretch from North to Central to South America, and it means a lot to see some solidarity across such a vast expanse.

One of our biggest supporters over the years from the get-go is also my brother Christopher D Yazzie of the Navajo Nation, whom I served alongside in the United States Marine Corps as well. I owe it to him that our work was able to reach a larger audience in late 2013, and branched out from there. Call it the spirit-world, call it fate, algorithms, luck, or divine intervention, but it's often been a magical journey for me and a profound connection back to nature and I am grateful.This connection of people is something that brings me joy and hope, and I am honored to play any small part in it that I possibly can. Thanks you, thank you, and thank you again. Much love to all of you" 

Our final donation was to the Konojel Family. At Konojel indigenous woman are taught Spanish and they get educated in the restaurant trade where they learn the valuable skills of preparing, cooking food, and operating a commercial kitchen. With these skills, they can finally afford to work in the Spanish communities. Thus giving them a viable path to make a much better living. This helps them to feed their own malnourished children and elders, breaking the cycle of extreme poverty.

original (16).jfif

"Yesterday we received the visit of our friends Jimmy and Debbie!! Thank you so much for your generous donation and for your continue support to our programs and the community of San Marcos La Laguna"

February 2019

Our yearly tool run to Guatemala begins soon!

August -2018

Antigua Mechanical has once again helped "The Magic Garden" (a private little farm, that puts it's vegetables up for donation each Sunday for charity. 100% of all donations go directly to the hard working people on the ground, here in New Jersey and abroad).

This past weekend, the customers of Antigua Mechanical donated $438.00 to help two charities in Guatemala. We sent $160.00 to Jay Jackson at Fincas Buenas who is a Marine Corp Veteran rebuilding homes lost in the latest volcanic eruption.

We also sent $278.00 to the Konojel Family in Guatemala; where they are teaching indigenous woman to empower themselves and their children through extreme poverty and abuse. We want to thank all our wonderful customers for the constant support and continued business. 


Last Weekend, we managed to raise $500.00 for Jay Jackson at in Guatemala. Many of you may know; our children and friends started a huge garden 5 years ago. On Sundays, we manage to find time to pick a lot of vegetables from this wonderful plot of Earth. 100% of all donations for the vegetables we grow goes to 4 Charities. From "A Need We Feed" in Toms River N.J. To helping a former U.S. Marine corps veteran down on the ground in Guatemala. This coming Sunday, we are planning on raising some money for the Konojel family. Deb, being a woman owner of Antigua Mechanical L.L.C. Loves what Konojel is doing to empower woman. Please check them out and help Andrew (a retired New York City school teacher from Brooklyn) empower woman, feed malnourished children and the elderly


We have been super busy since April. There is a lot to say about what we have been doing. In May 2018, we auctioned off a bunch of beautiful Petunia plants we grew from seed in our green house. Our plan was to help raise money for a very sick little girl (Maggie) from Howell. She was battling Leukemia for eight months, lost all her hair, and her parents were flat, worn out, physically and financially. With that said, we raised $1,400.00 for Maggie, which took a huge burden off her parents.

We have been working pretty steady, installing new equipment and servicing all our customers (all is very well on the HVAC side of our lives). As you may or may not know; we also tend a very large vegetable and flower garden with a lot of help from family and friends. We have, and continue to have fund raisers every Sunday in the garden from 1 to 4pm.

The last two fundraisers were for "A Need We Feed" in Toms River New Jersey. We helped raise over $600.00 for them on July 8th with our vegetable sales / donations from you wonderful customers, and friends out there. On July 10th; A Need We Feed cooked and delivered over 700 gourmet meals to wounded veterans all throughout Ocean county N.J.

On July 15th we had another fundraiser. This one was for The "Integral Heart Foundation"

Located in Antigua Guatemala. They are feeding and educating some 80 plus mostly homeless children their. They are giving these kids a superb education and arming them with the tools to fight corruption and violence in their country while lifting them out of the horrible lifestyle they were once living in. We raised $300.00 for them and that donation is being matched to make it $600.00

July 22nd, we will be raising money for a very hard working retired U.S. Marine living in impoverished Guatemala. His name is Jay Jackson, and he is building new homes for the thousands of people who lost everything due to the recent volcanic eruptions. If you should have any questions or want to help us to help any of these fine people, please call us, or go to our Facebook page to find out more. You can also donate directly to them if you would like. Our number is (732)-580-3075


Summer Contracts are mailed out. If you do not receive one in the mail, inbox us your name and address, and we will gladly mail you one. We need at least 65 degrees to properly service your system.

Hope to see you soon! 



We are big fans of helping poor children and their families in Guatemala. Our company name comes from Guatemala. We believe children are better off with education, healthy food, and love--- rather than sleeping, eating and living in garbage dumps. If you want to help us. click on the picture, and a link we take you there.


Please check out our "About Us" page to see pictures of our this years tool and school supply drive to Guatemala.



Big thank you to all our friends, neighbors, and family for helping us raise $280.00 for the Kids at “The Integral Heart Family” in Guatemala. We sent your precious donations this morning. A special thank you to Paul and Linda, Sandy’s cozy corner, George wood construction, Eddie Norweigion, Michelle and Chris, Joann, Diane, Ralph, Don, Nancy, Ginny and Mel, Kevin from across the street, and all the others. Sorry if we missed anyone




This year’s tool and school supply run is soon to be underway. If any of our customers would like to help out, you can directly donate cash to these fine, well respected, and encouraging nonprofit organizations. If you would like to donate tools or school supplies, we will gladly hand deliver all items personally and record a photo album for us all. 


We just want to thank everyone who kept Jim in their prayers. Jim is doing fine, and already back to keeping himself busy. We are almost finished with servicing our contract customers. They are all ready to go for summer. We are starting to take on new customers this week. Don’t forget to keep those air filters clean. Have a wonderful summer!


Everyone knows that We are huge fans of The Integral Heart Foundation. Tthese wonderful people have touched our hearts, and we love what they are doing to help children survive in such a cruel world. Knowledge is life! *please help them to continue*

Dear Valued Customer,


Winter is over! Once again, it’s time to get moving on our outdoor projects.


We can all take peace of mind when our outdoor machinery has been cleaned, greased, and sharpened.


We must get our homes, tools and equipment ready for the spring and summer months ahead. The noisiness of preparation is upon us. We are hustling, working, and planning for another peace loving, enjoyable summer.


Before we know it, the pollen and dust will be everywhere.


Let us know if you would like to have your air conditioning system professionally cleaned and serviced. Our company is highly regarded as one of the best customer friendly companies around. We take tremendous pride in the quality of our installations and offer excellent customer support on warranties.


Please take a look at the provided air conditioning contract on the next page. You can choose to have just a cleaning done or you can choose to have a cleaning and receive a summer contract. Summer contracts are slightly more in terms of dollars; however, you will receive huge discounts on repairs, save on diagnostic and emergency fees, and receive 24 hour emergency service. Contracts are like an insurance payment that helps offset costly summertime breakdowns.


Antigua Mechanical L.L.C. is a locally owned family run company. We are Master Certified, and we are fully insured, and bonded, with over 28 years of extensive experience in the HVAC trade.We live and operate on the professionalism we have built through the years.


Please check in to our web site to get the latest updates, to see what we offer and sell. You can see pictures of some of our most recent installations. You can even read what people have said about us in the customer testimonials section page.

Thank you and have a wonderful summer,

Planning our next trip to Guatemala. Our spring contracts are coming out soon. Successes come only to those that plan ahead.


September 22nd, 2016

Heating Contracts are going out this weekend

April, 2016


Once again, spring is amongst us. It is time for us to send out our summer contracts and pricing for service calls. This May, we are traveling to Guatemala to help out some friends with a tool drive. We are going to be helping "The Integral Heart Foundation" ----with school supplies and financial contributions. This help is in addition to the many organizations we support here at home. In fact, Antigua Mechanical L.L.C. has donated thousands in labor, equipment, and funds to various not for profit organizations and people in New Jersey who struggle financially.


What you should know about HVAC CONTRACTS

It is a fact, that most every HVAC company must charge certain fee to the Customer in order to make a profit and stay operational. This is not rocket science. With that said, it takes a minimum of one hour to properly service a single Air Conditioning system---Here in New Jersey, that average labor rate is no less that $100.00 per hour. So how in the world can an HVAC company charge $59.00 / $79.00 / $99.00 for a emergency service contract? The answer is simple "They really can't" What happens is, the normal cost that they did not charge you will be made up against you later. Flat rate pricing is where they make their money back on "The Customer".... Before you sign that HVAC service contract, you should ask if they use a Flat rate pricing system. Chances are, in many cases, your cost of repair will be so expensive, that you will have to settle for a new system.


We don't use flat rate pricing , we offer HVAC service contracts to our customers to give them peace of mind. We perform preventive maintenance to our customers most expensive household appliance (THE HVAC SYSTEM), we protect our customers from inconvenient break downs throughout the cooling or heating season. Our contract customer know that if a breakdown happens we will be out there to fix the problem without any diagnostic fees or emergency service call fees. Furthermore, we give an additional 30% off on all parts to contract customers.


Emergency Repair Example;

Antigua Mechanical L.L.C. repair for defective capacitor.

With contract / repair cost $30.00

Without contract / repair cost $210.00


Flat rate companies repair for defective capacitor

With contract / $350.00

without contract / $500.00


Beware of the cheap contract.

December, 2015

We are thankful to all our fantastic customers. This fall season was a huge success. We are pleased to announce that we are up to date with all our installations. Thank you!!! Have a wonderful holiday season :)


April 2015

Hello Again, our 2015 Air Conditioning Contract are ready, and will be mailed out next week to all our customers. You can also print them out from our website in the products and service section. Or on the link provided below



Happy New Year!!!


Gas Heating Contracts are now available, Click on the link and call to schedule your service 


AC summer contracts can be found on our products and service page.Simply click on the link and print it out. See you soon!



Tool drop video



We just returned from our latest tool donation to farmers and workers. We volunteered by helping to build another wall and donated all our tool collections in person. 

original (17).jfif
original (18).jfif
original (19).jfif
original (20).jfif
original (21).jfif


A special thank you to Sean Mick, Union City Fire Fighter. Your $40.00 cash donation will go directly to


Thank you to our friends and customer's Beverly Peachey and John Peachey for the cool coloring book donation. The kids will love them!

original (22).jfif


Thank you to our customer's Peggy and Joe Gresser. Your donation is appreciated

original (23).jfif


Thank you to our friends Todd and Casey. Your Dremel tool donation is awesome!

original (24).jfif

The Customers, of Antigua Mechanical L.L.C. donates a power pipe threader to  

original (25).jfif


We are gearing up for another trip to Guatemala. As you may know, Antigua Mechanical donates a portion of its earnings to help stock the tool shed in San Miguel Escobar Guatemala. Here is a few pictures of our latest drive. We have more tools for this tool drop. Stay tuned for more pictures. Here is what we have so far 

original (26).jfif
original (27).jfif


Check out our new "You Tube" videos. 


New Rebates for warm advantage and New Jersey Natural Gas Customers


It's been a fantastic year, we were very busy installing equipment and maintaining our customers. Thank you to all! Antigua Mechanical appreciates your friendship and your business. Those of you who have purchased equipment from us; know that we service all our equipment at NO CHARGE for two full years. When you receive our winter mailer---containing our heating contract---please call us asap to schedule your free contract service call. If you want to tell someone about our contracts, you can click on the picture below. From there you can email or print the pdf heating contract file. 

Heating Contract link. click on the photo


Roatan Honduras 2013


Thank you Stephan from Bartenders Without Borders, for driving all the way down to San Miguel Escobar Guatemala with our tool donation. You avoided Bandits, drove thousands of miles through a two foreign Countries, and most of the United States to get our latest tool donations, for

original (28).jfif
original (29).jfif


Bartenders without borders and Antigua Mechanical team up with to raise money for on site methane gas facilities in rural Guatemala. Check this out, and please find it in your heart to help us help this amazing group of farmers


Today, Gringo and Stephen left with the tools donated by our customers and friends. They will be heading with Stephen to Guatemala. Tools are very expensive in 3rd world countries, they will surely improve the lives of the hard working people who will use them to make their lives more productive. Please help us support Thank you Don from Spirits, Dave Peck from Whiting, Damo and Donna from Wire Man Electric and Bartenders Without Borders. 


The mailers are out!!! And check out this cool donation we received today for Bartenders without Borders Guatemala.

Thank You Donna and Damo from Wire Man Electric


We are sending out mailers to all our active customers next week. If you are not on our mailing list and want to receive one, please inbox or email us your information


We have made another donation to help with diseased plants. Please read and follow the link below. Your donation no matter how small can help this most excellent non profit. Our volunteer pictures should give you an idea of what they are all about. Thank You

As Green As It Gets Roya (coffee rust) is affecting over 70% of Guatemala's coffee harvest. It is the small coffee farmers that have been particularly hard hit. Please read the link below to see how we're combating it and how you can help.



Antigua Mechanical L.L.C. donates $600 dollars to six various organizations and persons in need across the globe. We also performed 7 totally free service repairs to customers in need this winter. We believe every company has an obligation to give back when it is profitable enough to do so. Our next tool donation is almost ready to ship to As Green As it Gets. We will keep you posted of our efforts. Thank you Don and Mr. Peck for your generous contributions.


Okay, Listen up. They need; A variety of thing Masks n95 gloves garbage bags is the basics the rest are heavier tools for our brothers and sisters here in New Jersey. As you know, there are about 40.000 people who have lost everything. They will not recover their homes without help. Most of these people are like you and me. There is a group we want to help. They are "A Get Down and Get Dirty Bunch" Just like Bartenders without Borders. We need Tools and Donations pronto. They give of themselves as we do. So please follow the links to come and share them, send $5.00. We will keep you posted.

original (30).jfif


We have raised enough money from your service calls to purchase coffee plants and shade trees for Pedro. Pedro is a farmer from San Miguel Escobar, Guatemala. Pedro has worked hard and committed himself to a Co Op of farmers in Guatemala. That's a huge step when your donkey is your family's prized possession.

As Green As it Gets is a hard working, get down dirty, and get the work done type of non profit. Their people come from all over the world and are top rated student volunteers. We are proud to be associated with As Green As it Gets

8/13/2012 Check out our latest work in Guatemala Click on the pictures below.


8/8/2012 Thank you to all our wonderful customers. You have made it possible for our company to continue its dream, to help the hard working people in San Miguel Escobar, Guatemala. We love to represent our Country in this manner.

We have a nice bag of tools to donate! We will be volunteering this visit also.

Our Bags are packed, Pictures are on the way.

Thank You, from the bottom of our hearts.

Deborah Page



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