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Jimmy & Debbie, you guys came up in my Facebook memories today and I felt I had to reach out to you again to thank you for what you did for me when I lived in Toms River on Westbrook Dr. I was a recent widow, had been ripped off SO badly by many people. You guys came in, found the real problem, fixed it and I was able to sell the house. You showed me what other contractors had done, charging me thousands for and actually making the problems worse. I just want you to know how much I appreciated your caring and honesty. I have yet to find anyone like you 2 since but today I am much stronger than I was back then. You both are very special and I just wanted you to know how much you meant to me. Unfortunately, I have found you are a rarity. Thank you again. God bless you both. Susan Melkowits ��❤️

Jim Jay K reviewed Antigua Mechanical 5 star 2 hrs ·

100% satisfied. Jim and Deb installed an hvac unit in my home. Their work is top notch.....very neat and methodical. They take pride in their work and they make sure everything is done right. This was a brand new install so they took the time to carefully design a system to meet my needs....they explained everything to me and answered all of my questions. Also, they are very trustworthy as I left them in my home alone to do the job while I was at work. Several of my friends have used this company before and they have also had a great experience. I would highly recommend them for all of your hvac needs. Trust me, you will not be disappointed.

These are the people that do all my heating and air conditioning incredible people their dedication is like nobody no other highly recommended -John McElroy

When I decided to convert from oil heat to gas I sorted through a long list of contractors and narrowed the list to six. From those six I requested statements of work, and met with five of them. I was unhappy with all of them, and mentioned it to a neighbor. Thank God, that individual recommended Antigua Mechanical. It took me only minutes meeting with Jim and Deb to decide on Antigua. It was like auditioning a band and seeing six garage bands followed by Led Zeppelin. In case you think they are paying me to say this (they are not), I'll paraphrase what the inspectors said about Antigua's work. "I did installations for fifteen years before becoming an inspector and this is one of the best installations I have ever seen," “this is top drawer” and "this guy obviously takes pride in his work." Antigua’s quote was detailed and precise (none of the others were). The price was very fair and in my budget. They used only the best materials. Even the very first day when Deb and Jim laid out their tools and supplies, I had to take a picture because it was so meticulous. My boiler room now looks like it's in an upscale building in Manhattan. If and when I decide to sell my house, my heating system will now be one of the selling points. They could not have been more professional, more pleasant or more considerate. I don't recommend a lot of people but in this case, I am happy to refer Antigua Mechanical. They are AAA+. Rick Skelly

I had a Great Experience two days ago. I had Antigua Mechanical at my house to Service or should I say FIX my Heating System. It was in really Bad Shape. Now I have had many Heating/Air companies work on this system before but NEVER has anyone ever explained in detail what had to be done. Jim and Debbie cut the wires to take the blower out and clean it, they cut a hole in my wall because the vent was way too small for the system, changed filters, spent 3 hours and was clean. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND THIS COMPANY!!! 732-580-3075 Thank you Jim and Debbie for an awesome job!! Richard Sogness

A HUGE shout out to Antigua Mechanical!! Our A/C broke today. Antigua had us back up and running in a matter of moments!!! Great, honest, excellent, dependable service. Call them for a contract today!!! They are the best in the business!! Jodi Peck

I can't thank you enough for the great work and the extremely kind gesture. You guys are amazing. Michael Carrieri

Let me first tell you this post was not requested or paid for in any way. Recently we had our heater and hot water heater, A/C replaced. I hired Antigua Mechanical (Jim and Deb) to do this job. I feel this was the best decision I could have made. The professionalism is second to none. Recently I ran out of Fuel Oil on the coldest night of the year. My oil provider had to bring emergency delivery of oil. As the mechanic (Who knows my old system all too well) entered the area of the boiler, he stood in awe. He continued to tell me how this is the most impressive install has seen in his 22 years as a service Mechanic. Also that the equipment that was chosen is top of the line and very efficient. This mechanic took their name and info and said he would recommend them for any work. Now that's an endorsement. Good Job Antigua Mechanical.-Mike Bowker

I want to make a plug for a great company I discovered recently. Antigua Mechanical, I needed a new heating system installed in my house, had a few different companies come out to give me estimates, some companies asked ridiculous amounts of money to give estimates, and some just tried to sell me their highly priced products. However, the owner Deb of A.M. was so impressive, She was willing to look into different types of products to fit my needs, email me information on them so I could read up on them myself, did not charge an estimate fee at all. I found this company to be very professional, they came to my home, put down throws from my front door all the way to my boiler room, had all their tools organized , it was unbelievable to me how they respected my home each day they were there. Would call me as they left my home to tell me there were leaving and where they were at each day I have a wonderful heating system that is up to code, hot water that actually works correctly now and I am extremely happy with the final result. I was also impressed that as I asked lots of questions before the job and after, my questions were answered very thoroughly and I was made sure to understand how my new system worked, where things were, how they were connected and such. Never felt as if I asked a dumb question. He was more than happy to explain. Would recommend this company to anyone with a heating or air need!!! Jim and Deb it was a pleasure, thank you, love my new system!!!!-Danielle Molloy

Snow! Soup on! And a nice fire thanks to Antigua Mechanical..-Renee Hogan

I just wanted to let everyone know how responsive, professional and genuinely nice you folks are. You restored our heat and did a wonderful job doing so. I appreciate all of the extra steps you did for us and we'll be sure to refer you and use you for our future HVAC needs.-Stephanie Riccio

I cannot express enough how much your work was appreciated today.... thank you thank you thank you.... I will be raving about you all over Ocean County.-Anne Benoi


I've had the privilege of inspecting a few of Antigua Mechanical job's. The workmanship is second to none! In fact their boiler installs are a thing of beauty.-Garry McGuigan

Hey guys just wanted you to know I do some of the inspections for the warm/ cool advantage state rebate program. I visited a boiler job you did in Manchester, Great work! quality of workmanship shows!!-Gary McGuigan

Want to give a shout out to Antigua Mechanical for fixing our AC once again.. you guys rock... Thanks Deb and Yo... Love u guys.. We are chillin...-Beverly Peachey

Antigua Mechanical to the rescue today! House is cooled off finally!-Dana Doctor

OMG Deb you and James Rock!!!!! They came and fixed our air cond. in less than 15 minutes they are awesome and Chris and I can't say thank you enough♥♥♥-Michelle Mahler

My AC and Furnace install looks awesome can't wait until the rest of the house is repaired. Thanks-Dave Corrigan

Air conditioning problems. Put 5 calls out. The only one to show up was Jim and Deb from Antigua Mechanical. They are the best. Highly recommend they had our air running in 10 min-Donna Cure

You do great work. Everything always looks so neat and organized.-Jack Shafto Jr.

Thank you Antigua Mechanical! New gas hot water heater in! I'm a happy camper. These guys are awesome. Look them up . Thx Jim & Deb xoxoxo-Dawn Baxter

Glad that you’re working steady. The gas stove and chimney that you installed for us, still going strong. During Hurricane Sandy it was our only heat source for 14 days.-Robert Gaug

Whew! Baby it's hot outside! If it's hot inside, call Antigua Mechanical! Fast service and great prices!!!-Jodi Peck

Electrical contractors in the house today were impressed as hell with the boiler install. If anyone needs HVAC, Antigua Mechanical is who you need to call. Stephen Bauman

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